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Where to Shoot a Turkey? Shoot With a Bow or Rifle?

You would certainly think that hunting a turkey is a walk in the park considering the fact that turkey seems to be a better target than big game, such as bear, elk, or even a bison.

You may have underestimated the prowess of turkey, for despite the fact that the turkey may have a pea-sized head, it may be quite difficult to hunt it, especially if you are just tyro in the art of hunting. It will be easy if you are hunting a domesticated turkey; however, it will definitely be preposterous to hunt a domesticated turkey.

On the other hand, it will surely be a rough adventure if you are going to hunt wild turkeys. Wild male turkeys usually weigh around 6 to 11 kg, and is barely 125 cm in length. The female turkeys however are a bit smaller than the male with a weight that ranges from 2 to 5.4 kg. The habitats of wild turkeys include the hardwood and conifer forests, although sometimes, they inhabit the fields, orchards, marshes, and even the pastures.

The behavior of turkeys are quite predictable. Despite their heavy weight as compared to other birds, they are capable and agile fliers. They can even fly and perch at the canopy top, although they usually prefer to fly very near the ground, and they can fly for almost half a mile.

You will definitely sense the presence of wild turkeys by the different sounds they make. They usually produce many types of sounds, and there are several terms associated with turkey sounds such as those of clucks, gobbles, putts, yelps, cuts, cackles, kee-kees, and purrs. If you want to be a great hunter of turkey, you should be cognizant of these different sounds created by turkeys and of the usual behavior of turkeys.

Turkeys are usually foraging anywhere they would find food. They can climb small trees, and they eat various types of food such as nuts and acorns. Hence, you will surely encounter one or two of them in the wild. It is however good to know the different tips on how to hunt a turkey for you to be successful in your hunting spree.

These tips include the best season to hunt turkeys. Likewise, as a hunter, you should know the behavior of your target game, and should also be knowledgeable of the best tools and weapons you should use to hit your target. In the case of hunting turkey, you got to carry with you your best weapons and know your range of efficiency in hitting a turkey.

How to Attract your Turkey?

Plant food Plot

Just like in any hunting game, you need to draw out your target to a specific location where in you can have a good shot at it. To draw out turkeys, you need to plant lush http://wildlifeseeds.com/foodplots/turkey/“>food plot for the unsuspecting turkeys, for surely, turkeys want abundant forage.

Learn the Turkey Calling Sounds

Turkeys, as mentioned earlier, create different types of vocalizations. They usually use these vocalizations for different reasons such as attracting or calling their mates or simply informing their mates about their locations. Two of the most popular turkey vocalizations that you can make use of is the hen yelp and the simple cluck. If you master these two calling sounds, you may end up with a lot of killed turkeys when you go back home. You can also learn the turkeys’ slate call and the locator calls.

Wear the Best Camouflage while hunting

If you really want to be almost invisible to the gobbler’s eyes, it is imperative that you wear a total camouflage. Your camouflage should be appropriate to the specific season for hunting, and your camouflage should match the color of the place.

Your Best Weapon in Hunting Turkey

Where to Shoot a Turkey with a bow

http://i.imgur.com/HQpQfBO.jpg” alt=”Where to Shoot a Turkey with a bow” width=”567″ height=”272″ /> Where to shoot a turkey with a bow

It is of course quite difficult to hunt a turkey with a bow, for turkeys become easily aware of any imminent or actual danger. They immediately take flight at the first sense of danger. For this reason, it is very difficult to use a bow or even to take aim at the turkey using a bow. In fact, at the sight of a turkey, it would really be quite difficult for you to even come to a full draw without the turkey immediately sensing you. However, if you have properly set up your decoys, you can have enough time to take a good aim at the turkey. The best distance to hit a turkey is around 15 yards away, although you can still hit it from around 20 yards. You should also find the different of single https://www.dailyshooting.com/singlecamvsdualcambows/“>cam vs dual cam bow, learn about advantage and disadvantage of them!

The bow that you should use for turkeys should have lighter drawing weight with a higher let off. The reason for this is that you need higher accuracy with turkey because you got a smaller target space with a turkey. You should also use highly specialized broadheads for turkey, because you want to immediately impart a fatal wound on a turkey target.

Aim for the head, neck, heart, and spine, and liver

If you aim for the head or neck, you may fatally wound the turkey; however, hitting these areas is quite challenging and there is a strong likelihood that you would miss on these targets. Hence, it is also good to aim for the midrib; and obviously, with the midrib as your target, you may also hit the heart, lungs, spines, and even liver. It is definitely not good to aim for the legs for that is tantamount to driving the bird to become airborne.

Where to Shoot a Turkey with a shotgun

http://i.imgur.com/Sz0e3cO.jpg” alt=”Where to Shoot a Turkey with shotgun” width=”400″ height=”266″ /> Where to Shoot a Turkey with a shotgun

One of the best weapons to hunt turkey is with the use of a shotgun. A https://www.quora.com/Whataretheprosandconsofasemiautomaticshotgunvspumpaction“>single-shot shotgun may be your best option because it is the less expensive among shotguns. You can use a single pellet that can readily hit the head and deliver a deadly blow. Likewise, you can also opt for the popular Mossber 835 or Remington 870. Moreover, you can also use semi-automatic shotguns if you want a follow-up shot with minimal recoil.

When using a shotgun, it is good to aim for the neck with a single pellet shot. However, if you want a more decisive hit, you can swarm your target for a more efficient hit.

Where to Shoot a Turkey with a Rifle

http://i.imgur.com/wqc7WZL.jpg” alt=”Where to Shoot a Turkey with a rifle” width=”400″ height=”266″ /> Where to Shoot a Turkey with a rifle

https://www.dailyshooting.com/unlimitedguideriflescopeneedknow/“>Choosing a rifle is somewhat a personal choice, as long as you are comfortable with your rifle. There are plenty of turkey rifles to choose from depending on the budget that you have. The .22 Hornet, for example, is a good rifle for beginners.

Just like when using bows and single-shot shotguns, you should also aim at the neck or the head of the turkey to deliver a fatal shot on it when using a rifle. However, the head and neck is quite difficult targets to hit using a rifle. Hence, you can also opt to hit the turkey on its spine and heart; but surely you wouldn’t want to leave a gaping wound on the chest of the bird.


Hunting turkey is one of the most exhilarating and exciting hunting games you can engage in in the wild. As long as you have the right weapon and know the habitat of wild turkeys, you will always be amply rewarded with many hits in the end.

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Lastly, as long as you are cognizant of the usual behavior of turkey, you can always draw out the turkey to your target location and effectively and efficiently take an aim at it. Hope you find the best place to shoot a turkey.

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