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About Us

Welcome to our community. Here at dailyshooting.com we’re happy to provide reviews, buyer’s guides, and how-to articles to assist in your Daily Shooting. From reviews on the latest firearms and survival knives to how to zero your rifle scope, we’re here to help hone your skills.

Our goal is to keep you informed. 

We’ve made sure to cover all types of weapons from rifles and handguns to bows, as well as the accessories that will help you take aim and have a steady hand when you take that shot. 

There are also tidbits like how much ammo you can legally own and how to choose the right bullet weight for your weapon. 

Not only that, we can even help you learn how to estimate the value of your firearms if you want to know how much your gun is worth.

We can help you hone your hunting skills too, with informative guides that will teach you things like how to pick the right shot size for the game you’re hunting, and tips to help you improve your long-range shooting.

Have you ever wondered how much meat you’ll get from a deer? We can teach you how to make that determination. Maybe you’re at a loss at how to find deer sheds. We can help you out there, too.

We hope that you’ll visit often as we continually update our information with new and exciting articles that will help you with everything you need for your Daily Shooting.

Meet the Team

As you can imagine, our team is made up of outdoor enthusiasts. We’re hunters, fishermen, survivalists, and everyday people who enjoy Daily Shooting.

Feel free to leave a comment on our posts. We’d be happy to hear about your experiences as a new shooter, or as an old pro.

Gilbert Valenzuela bio picture

Gilbert Valenzuela

Editor in Chief

I’ve been a writer for over a decade with lots of experience in topics on wildlife, outdoor survival, game hunting, fishing, and camping. So I was thrilled when Harvey asked me to join him as Editor in Chief.

My mission here at Daily Shooting is to provide our team with assignments that fulfill our goal of being your go-to site for everything you need to know about hunting and the equipment to make you successful. You can bet I’m always on the lookout for new information to assist your Daily Shooting. Contact me at gvalenzeuela@dailyshooting.com

Hank Nieves bio picture

Hank Nieves

Junior Editor

 My job is to fact-check. Since I basically eat data, I’m happy to be in this position. As I check to make sure that we’re bringing you the most up to date reviews and accurate information, I also find lots of inspiration for new and exciting articles that will inspire your outdoor adventures. 

I’m a huge fishing enthusiast as well as an avid bow-hunter. So you can bet you’ll find a fair share of articles geared toward hunters and fishermen of all varieties. Additionally, I’m working to create a series of infographics. Contact me a hnieves@dailyshooting.com

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