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3 Best Biometric Gun Safe – Fingerprint Gun Safe Reviews

What do you look for when searching for the best biometric gun safe? Are you looking to protect your family, home, or possessions? Most likely the answer is yes, as that is the most popular reason to own a handgun.

best biometric gun safe in 2017

best biometric gun safe in 2017

Biometric safes offer the benefit of being very quick to open in an emergency and allowing access only to those programmed to open the safe.

When shopping for the best biometric gun safe for your situation, consider things such as storage, size, and how many people need access before making your purchase.

Here in this article, we discuss the three best options for prospective biometric gun safe buyers to consider and the pros and cons of each.

Top Our Pick For Best Biometric Gun Safe In 2017

Top 3 Best Biometric Gun Safe For The Money

This is my review about the three best biometric gun safe options for the money, it will help you find the good biometric option for you gun. Check out it:

1. Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model # QAP1BE

SentrySafe Pistol Safe, Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe, Single Gun Capacity, QAP1BE

SentrySafe Pistol Safe, Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe, Single Gun Capacity, QAP1BE

Top Rated Gun Safe For Biometric Simplicity

For small pistol safes designed for personal use, Sentry Safe easily has one of the best handgun safe available with this model.

The biometric option can program two sets of fingerprints, allowing these options: the owner and a family member (for home emergencies) or shooting buddy (for heading to the range), or if no one else will be using the safe the owner can program his own finger twice to lower the odds of un-recognition when opening.

Once opened, grabbing hold of the gun with one hand is a quick and easy process. The biometric entry is fast and quiet. The safe can store an ammo clip and can easily fit in most drawers and any closet. This is also one of the best biometric gun safe options for storing underneath a seat or other thin area.

The safe has an override key and keypad for the event of the biometric option struggling.

Like with most safes, a small amount of oil applied to the gas struts that open the safe can cure any squeaking noises that begin occurring over time.

For usage in a dark room, the buttons on top of the safe light up when a one is pressed and the user can then easily see the biometric scanner. As the lid opens upwards, the user’s hands will not fit entirely into the safe so grab the gun by the handle with only one hand.

The safe can be bolted down but the product cannot be mounted to a wall. This is the best way to protect against theft- otherwise, someone could theoretically just walk off with it even if they were unable to get it open. When opening, push a button to turn on the biometric scanner, then scan your finger.

The whole process takes only a couple of seconds. If using a passcode to open, press firmly on the buttons to make sure that they register. Overall, this is a strong safe.

2. Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 gun safe

Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 gun safe

Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 gun safe

The Most Easily Mounted Top Rated Gun Safe

The Gunvault SV500 is the best biometric safe for mountable self-defense. It can be mounted inside a work desk, garage, closet, etc.

Upon successful scan, the safe will lower down and reveal the weapon. Users can then grab it easily with one hand and be instantly ready to fire.

It makes a bit of noise when opening but the process is very quick.

It fits very well into small areas and the looks of it can be deceiving- it does not look like other safes so a criminal or intruder might not immediately recognize it. It fits in well with home surroundings and is open to a wide variety of mounting options without affecting the biometric scanner.

The False Acceptance Rate (FAR) here is higher than on other top rated safes so beware of that, but the positive attributes of this safe are its compact storage and incredibly easy access to the weapon.

Also, be sure to maintain battery life and change the batteries when needed- the FAR is much higher if the batteries are low, or else the safe may not recognize the correct finger at all.

But when the batteries are fresh this safe is very effective- use it for your primary defense weapon at home or work because the amount of time between scanning and being able to shoot is very low.

That is the best thing about this biometric safe. If you buy this safe, be sure to mount it well because its size makes it susceptible to outright theft.

The best biometric gun safe for versatile locations

3. BARSKA Biometric Safe

Barska Biometric Safe

Barska Biometric Safe

Comforting Familiarity And Ease Make This A Top Rated Gun Safe

This top biometric safe is the hoss of all options here. It is a big option for a best pistol safe- at 16.5 inches wide and 17.5 inches thick. It has room to hold multiple ammo clips and other valuables in addition to a pistol.

Holding up to 30 programmed fingerprints at a time, the biometric system on this safe is top notch. A recommended way to maximize the efficiency of this biometric system is to have each user register their finger two or three times- this will nearly eliminate the chance of the safe not recognizing a programmed finger when scanned. The scanner is displayed right on the front of the unit. While this safe is not going to fool anyone and is not much for being mounted, it is great to keep in a closet or garage.

A successful biometric scan will allow access to the weapon in only a couple of seconds at most. As long as the biometric scanner is not covered in dust or dirt, users should not have any problems scanning their fingers and the False Acceptance Rate is very, very low.

Having a safe like this in your home is highly recommended- many important documents and items in addition to guns can be stored inside of it.

Users will need a strong shelf or storage place for this safe. It is nearly impossible to break into and once you have found the best place to keep it, rest assured that weapons and valuable will be safe and secure. This safe is ply resistant- it would take a considerable amount of time for a robber to break into it if they even could.

Its size and weight also make it harder to steal outright than smaller safes even without being mounted. A crook would look ridiculous running down the street carrying this safe on a wheelbarrow.

This is fingerprint gun safe for general home use

What is a Biometric Gun Safe, and why buy a biometric gun safe?

A biometric gun safe contains a fingerprint scanner which can be programmed by the owner to allow access only to those whose fingerprints have been scanned. This option appeals to many gun owners for two main reasons:

  • Security and a minimal False Acceptance Rate. Only those scanned will get in
  • The quickness of accessibility. No searching for the right key or trying to remember the correct passcode is required. Just scan your finger and bam, you have instant access to your weapon. Many of these safes are specifically designed to open in a way that presents the weapon for easy grabbing by the owner, without having to dig around other items to grab it.

Most handgun owners intend their weapon to be used as a defense mechanism for their home, family, and valuables in the case of an emergency. It is important to have access to the weapon as quickly as possible in an emergency, and biometric scanners are the best way to ensure this.

Lock and key safes and keypad entry safes are certainly not the most secure options- all a child or intruder needs to get in is to find your key or guess your code, which isn’t as hard to do as you might think. Radial dial safes are the slowest at opening, as the user has to turn the knob to the correct combination exactly and the margin of error is high.

A biometric scanner ensures that only the programmed fingerprints will be able to open the safe- and no one can steal your fingerprints from you. Every second counts when you or your family’s lives are on the line and a biometric safe ensures that no time will be wasted between the recognition of need and being ready to shoot.

Best biometric gun safe

Best biometric gun safe

The only real downsides to biometric safes are that they need battery power and have the possibility of False Acceptance, meaning someone whose fingerprint is not scanned is able to open the safe by scanning their finger. While the odds of this are incredibly low, the threat is never completely eliminated. Thus, it is important to store your safe in a bedroom, desk, or another place where only registered users know exactly where it is. Also, you cannot simply give a key or passcode to a relative or friend to access- a registered fingerprint must be there to open the safe. These days, most safes can store multiple fingerprints so that family can have access to the weapon if need be.

When compared head to head, the benefits of buying a biometric gun safe far outweigh the negatives. Having fast access to your weapon is crucially important, and knowing that no one other than those programmed will be able to get into the safe is a peace of mind worth investing in.


The strongest option for total home security is the BARSKA Biometric Safe. This is because of a number of fingerprints it can store, the fact that it can store other items in addition to the gun and ammo, and extreme difficulty that an outsider would face in attempting to open the safe. However, for those looking to store a handgun outside of their home or need to keep it in a smaller space, the Sentry Safe Biometric option discussed here is the way to go. It can be locked down, and is quick and portable. Access is fast and the False Acceptance Rate is very low. The GunVault SVB500 will do just fine for the workplace (underneath the desk, etc.) but for home use is not the most practical. Users should identify where the weapon will be stored, who will be allowed to have access to it, and why they are purchasing it and make their decision based on those factors. For general home security, the BARSKA Biometric Safe has got you covered. Hope you find for yourself  best biometric gun safe

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