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Is The GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe Really Good?

The GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe is a solid safe that provides maximum safety for your gun while providing quick access to your gun whenever you need it.

  • This safe can be easily mounted anywhere in your home, be it in your office, bedroom or living room, wherever you feel that it will be in easy reach regardless of the situation.
  • This safe will even fit discreetly in your car without interfering with the interior ambience or design.
  • This makes the GunVault SV500 the best choice for a home owner or a business person that is looking to protect themselves and their property.

What Makes Gunvault SV500 So Good?

1.Safe Installation Of Gunvault

The SV500 comes with a variety of mounting options, all the necessary materials included in the box in order to make the installation process as stress free as possible.

With every possible mounting option provided, it will be easy to install it anywhere in your home or office.

This lightweight safe comes in at only 8.2 pounds, meaning that you can safely mount it literally anywhere. Its sleek design means that you can even mount it in a corner in the wall, guaranteeing that both the back and sides are securely mounted.

The mounting plate included helps to ensure an even better fit for the sides, by ensuring that the safe is screwed securely into any surface you choose.

Internal washers are included with the mounting plate to minimize damage.

These design cues have all been included to ensure that your handgun is not only safely and securely stored, but it is also ready for action at the drop of a dime.

2.Its general use

The SV500 gives you quick and easy access to your handgun via a digital keypad, which is very simple to program once you have perused the manual. In fact, the safe is so easy to access via the code that you will be able to gain access to your weapon in even the darkest conditions. This point make SV500 is the best handgun safe for the money

The SV500 locking mechanism has gone through numerous tests to further ensure that you will be able to access your weapon every time, without glitches.

This safe has been designed with parents in mind, and for that reason, the designers have made it extremely difficult for children to access its contents.

As for hackers or other unwanted individuals, the variety of mounting options make it easy to hide, making it extremely difficult for anyone to find. Its sleek yet inconspicuous design cues mean that it is also easily confused with a jewelry box, making it even harder for unwarranted people to gain access to your weapon.

3.Its safety

Quality is one thing that has definitely not been compromised in the construction of this safe. For instance, it is constructed out of 18-guage steel, making it strong and resistant to any sort of damage that may compromise the safety of your handgun.

The interior of the safe is foam-lined to further ensure that your handgun, and indeed anything else that you choose to keep in the safe, is well protected from any outside interference.

The lining also helps prevent the items rattling inside the safe, making it hard for anyone who tries to shake the safe to discover what the contents may be.

The locking mechanism on the SV 500 is one of the strongest you will get on the market right now. In fact, it is so strong and resistant to tampering that even the experts have a hard time accessing the safe without the proper code.

The biometric and combination lock options: GunVault SVB500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe

Gunvault svb500

Gunvault svb500

If you would like even more assurance that your weapon and other property is safe, the GunVault SVB500 is the gun safe for you. This version of the SV 500 uses special biometric technology to ensure that only authorized individuals are allowed to access the safe. This means that you will can be sure that your property will not be accessed by anyone, regardless of whether it is in your home, office or automobile. The biometrics used by the locking mechanism are your fingerprints. This makes the safe even faster and easier to access, especially when you are in an emergency, as you will not have to remember any complicated access codes.

Amazing features of the GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe

A backup override key

When you purchase the GunVault SV 500, you get two backup override keys with the safe, just in case you cannot access the safe because you have forgotten your code or forgotten to change the 9V battery.

However, you should not have to worry about using the keys if the battery runs out of juice, as most ordinary 9V batteries tested will keep the digital keypad working for 9 months to a year without needing replacement.

Quick Access Drop Down Drawer

Quick Access Drop Down Drawer

Quick Access Drop Down Drawer

The quick access drop down drawer is one of the best features of the GunVault SV 500. This feature allows very easy access to your weapon thanks to its low mounting.

The drop down drawer opens immediately the lock is deactivated, allowing you to access your gun quickly when you need to protect yourself or your property in an emergency.

Its position makes it especially easy to conceal what you are doing when in a dangerous situation, giving you a better chance to defend yourself in the face of danger.

Installing the GunVault SV500 or SVB500 in your home, office or automobile will benefit you greately, by giving you the peace of mind that you need because you know you will always be able to defend the people and things that you care about.

Nothing works better than GunVault SV 500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe; it is small, very convenient contains all the features that you need to ensure that your family and your weapon are safe.

Its strength guarantees maximum protection from sharp blows and strikes, while its easy-to-mount characteristics allow you to get creative with where you store your valuables. With good service and maintenance, the Gunvault SV500 series of safes guarantee to give you years of service.

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