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What to Do When Your AR is Not Chambering the Next Round

So, your AR isn’t cycling properly. After you fire a round, the next round doesn’t enter the chamber. What could be causing this problem?

In this article, we will talk about some of the most common reasons that this may be happening, and give some recommendations in conjunction.

All of these are very simple fixes, but could save you an embarrassing trip to the gun store.

Before getting into some of these potential fixes, we are going to assume that you know how to use the weapon properly and have done the basic immediate fixes, such as tapping the forward assist.

Change the Ammunition

Are you using a different ammunition than you usually do for your AR-15? This could be the cause of the issue. For various reasons, some weapons don’t like some ammunition.

Whether it be the casing or the pressure generated by the propellant, your weapon may simply not like the ammunition you’re using. If you find that your weapon doesn’t cycle well using one ammunition, try using a different one.

This is one of the easiest fixes on the list.

Clean Your Weapon

How Often Should I Clean My Gun

How Often Should I Clean My Gun

Another very simple fix is cleaning your weapon.

Carbon buildup can cause your weapon to not cycle well, and it is a very easy problem to fix. If you haven’t cleaned your weapon in a few range trips, try cleaning it out and see how it cycles after that. 

Try Different Magazines

Sometimes ammunition feeding issues can be caused by the magazine you are using.

Perhaps the lips of the magazine or the springs in the magazine are worn out.

Try it out with a different magazine, and see if that works better for you.

Check the Gas Tube

This isn’t necessarily a simple fix, but the issue could be caused by a leak in the gas blowback system.

Start where the gas tube meets the barrel, and work your way back, looking for leaks as you go.

Dependent on the exact issue, it may be a simple fix, or it may require a whole new gas system.

Buffer Spring Issues

An old buffer spring may cause the weapon to not chamber the next round properly. Similarly, a greased up buffer spring could also cause the same issue. Check out the buffer spring, and replace or clean it if need be.

Other Problems

If none of these issues are the one causing the malfunction, it may take a professional to diagnose it. There’s a chance that your bolt, bolt carrier group, or chamber are seriously damaged.

Basic reticle scope

Basic reticle scope


These are some of the basic issues that can cause your weapon to not chamber the next round properly of ar15 rifle.

While there are some simple fixes on this list, not everyone will be familiar with them. Unfortunately, it is not always this simple, and sometimes a professional will have to handle it for you.

Daily Shooting Team

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