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The Best Place to Shoot a Deer

When hunting deer, responsible hunters will put in the time and effort necessary to learn how to ‘drop it where it stands.’ Opinions vary on where to shoot in order to make this happen.

Here, we will look at different options for a one shot kill and analyze why they are effective and what the problems may be. A big factor is how far away the shooter is. The last thing any hunter wants is a wounded deer causing a ruckus and scaring other deer, preventing the chance of additional targets and potentially ruining the chance to bag your hit.

For different circumstances, there are varying best places to shoot a deer.

It is important to practice shooting in the offseason and know where your target shot is going to take place depending on where you post yourself up. Ideally, your deer will be calm and still when you take your shot, but this does not always happen. Knowing how to aim in different circumstances will increase your odds of bagging a deer no matter the distance.

Best place to shoot a deer from short range (50-60 yards)

Best place to shoot a deer from short range

Best place to shoot a deer from short range

Brain: By shooting the deer in the brain, the animal will become incapacitated and die almost instantly. When calm, this is the best place to shoot a deer. Aim just above the eyes, by drawing a line from tear duct to tear duct and rising up about 2.5 inches, centered. If shooting from the side, aim for the same point on the head and shoot the brain. The result will be the same. If shooting from behind, hunters will want to aim for the back of the skull. Shooting from short range like this is the easiest way to knock a deer out with one bullet and minimal impact on the animal or its meat. This is best place to shoot a deer in 50-60 yards

The downside of this tactic is that the likelihood of missing the deer entirely is high. The brain is a small target. The hunter may also hit the animal in the nose or jaw, which will likely not kill it instantly and will cause the deer to run off. A blood trail in this circumstance can be harder to follow than that of a misplaced ‘boiler room shot.’ Also, the head is the most active part of a deer’s body, meaning that it is the most likely to make a sudden turn or adjustment just as you take your shot. Aiming for the head often is not a good idea if the deer is not calm and still.

Best place to shoot a deer from mid-range (up to 500 yards) and longer ranges (500+ yards)

best place to kill a deer from mid-range

best place to kill a deer from mid-range

The ‘boiler room shot’: The ‘boiler room shot’ is commonly referred to as the best place to shoot a deer, period.

This means shooting the deer in the area surrounding the heart and lungs. This can be done by aiming directly above and just back from the front legs when shooting from the side. If shooting from the front of the deer, this shot will not be nearly as effective. But when using this technique, even being an inch or two off will still hit vital organs and potentially kill the animal instantly.

The bullet may bounce off a rib or bone and not kill. If the animal doesn’t go down, the hunter should follow the blood trail and will likely have to shoot again.

If possible, go for the brain shot listed above when shooting from the front, if you are a master marksman or have scopes that can make this possible. Also, shooting the deer just below the ear can be a very effective shot.

If you are unsure of your ability to make a one-shot-kill take happen when in front of the deer, aim for just above the heart. Even if the shot does not drop the deer, it will ensure a short chase and your eventual bagging of the animal.

Double shoulder shot: An effective technique for shots in the 200-500 yard range is the double shoulder shot. This can often be the best place to shoot a deer. Use a .308 round and shoot through one shoulder from the side, causing the bullet to rocket through the body and into the opposite shoulder blade. When done correctly, this will cause the deer’s body to tense up and will snap the spine, incapacitating the deer

Neck: A well-placed neck shot will cause immediate spinal damage and incapacitate the animal. For situations where the neck is straight and in plain view, this is the best place to shoot a deer. There is also little risk of damaging desirable meat with a neck shot, making it an attractive approach for situations where the hunter is not confident in the ability to hit the brain or vital organs. The downside here is that the target kill area on the neck is small and hard to hit from some angles. Additionally, the shot (even if well placed) may not kill the deer and a second shot or slitting of the throat will be required upon approaching the animal.

High shoulder: Broken ribs, broken down nervous system, and broken spine are all possibilities with a well-placed shot to the high shoulder. This target area is easier for longer range shots than direct brain shots or others with a high chance of missing the deer. It is one of the easier targets and is popular among novice hunters, even if they aren’t directly aiming for that area. The problem is that a large amount of meat can be damaged this way, which depending on your reason for hunting can ruin the entire point of being out there. It is also easy to miss high when shooting for the shoulder and spook this deer and any in the immediate area away as it may take off running. This is best place to shoot a deer in 500+ yards. This is a far distant, using shooting sticks for hunting will help you find the best target.


What I may advice for is concentration, discipline and perseverance in the course of deer hunting; it’s no mean task after all. Hope you can find the information to know best place to shoot a deer, it’s important factor help you kill a deer quickly.

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