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Top 10 Most Popular Outdoor Activities in USA

On days when the weather is nice and it is sunny, it is great to spend some time outdoors. Their is all kinds of fun things you can do outside.

You may be used to spending a lot of time outside and are just looking at this article for new ideas of some things you can do, or you may be the type to not go outside much and are reading this article because you don’t know the potential of things to do outside.

Either way after reading this article, you will know 10 of the most popular things to do outside.

10 Most Popular Outdoor Activities in USA

The best thing is it doesn’t matter where you live or your skills, you can do at least a few of these things.

Going to the Zoo

The first outdoor activity that I will include on this list is going to the zoo. At the zoo you can see all kinds of animals that you normally wouldn’t be able to see. Depending on your zoo they may also offer different programs or events on a certain day to make it extra fun. The zoo is a great outdoor activity, especially if you have kids. Spending the day at the zoo can make a lot of wonderful memories for a family, that is one reason why it is so popular.


Another outdoor activity that is popular among families is hiking. You can go out to the woods and find a nice trail to hike or you can just hike a small walking path in your city. Hiking is great because you never know what you might discover. You may see some rare birds that you have not seen before or you may see other wildlife. Also, you can find hiking areas that lead to natural springs or rivers. Hiking allows you to be right in nature and enjoy the fresh air.


Another outdoor activity that allows you to be right in nature is kayaking or canoeing. In this activity you use a special boat and paddles, and work your way down a river. The great thing is you can normally go at your own pace and stop when you would like to explore the shores. You can take food and picnic on the bank. You can see all kinds of animals while going down the river and if you are a thrill seeker you can find rougher rivers that offer white water rapids which adds to the excitement.


Camping is an outdoor activity that you can combine with some of the others already mentioned on this list or do it by itself.

If you are really adventurous you can pack a backpack with you while hiking or kayaking and canoeing and do a multiple-day trip. To camp, all you need is a tent and an area. It also helps to be able to know how to build a fire to cook some food and have the full experience.

If you don’t want to build a fire though and still want to eat you can take a gas stove with you. Another form of camping is staying in a cabin, but this isn’t as outdoorsy. You can still do outdoor activities though even if you aren’t sleeping outside. If you are going camping with a car, you should check your car before starting, best obd2 scanner is a good article if you are looking for a tool to diagnostic your car.


Another popular outdoor activity is longboarding. There are different types of longboard riding, but they are all fun. Some people just use a longboard for transportation, which is perfectly fine, but others choose to ride it for the thrill of it.

You can do downhill longboard riding which is when you go down a hill and use your body to pick up speed. You try to see how much speed you can pick up as you slice the hills. Also, you can do trick riding with longboards at a skate park or on the street.

You can learn how to do all kinds of flips and tricks with your board. Once you get good you can chain the tricks together and put on a whole performance to impress everyone. As beginner, I think you have the best longboards for cruising, with that board, you can start your journey!


Moving away from outdoor activities that deal with the woods we will shift gears some and the first one with shifting gears is swimming.

You can swim at a lake or river while doing some of the other activities mentioned, but you can also swim at a local pool.

One of the main reasons why swimming is such a popular outdoor activity is it helps keep you cool in the warm months. Also, since you can’t do it all year, it makes it special.

Another part of swimming is water slides and diving.

These things make swimming extra fun and anyone of any age can swim so you can spend time with your family by the pool and get some sun.

Theme Parks

Talking about skate parks transitions to another outdoor activity of theme parks. Theme parks offer the same thrill as skate parks, but the thrill comes from rides instead of your own abilities on a longboard. At theme parks they have all kinds of rides that provide excitement.

The rides are from spinning things to a massive roller coaster. One downside to a theme park though is that it is expensive and lines are long, that is why some of the other mentioned activities are better, especially if you want to do it more than once.

A theme park can be fun every so often but probably isn’t the best activity if you are looking for a constant thrill. They are still popular though and can be good for families, especially if you have older kids.


So most of these popular outdoor activities mentioned have been summer or warmer month activities, but what if you are looking for something to do in the cold or snow. While you can do some of these in the cold, especially with the proper gear, this next one is meant for the cold.

The next popular activity we will talk about is snowboarding. Snowboarding is similar to longboarding, since there is a board involved and a hill, but not completely the same since snowboards have no wheels, but the main point is to go down a hill. As you get good at it you can try to go faster or learn tricks. This makes it another good activity for thrill-seekers.

Snowboarding can be a little challenging to learn, but with enough patients and practice anyone can get it down. That means if you like a challenge or learning new things, then it might be a great outdoor activity for you.


Another popular snow sport is skiing. With skiing you have long skinny boards called skis that you strap to your feet. You then have polls that are used to help you pick up speed and steer. You ride the skis down a hill and can again learn to do tricks or just see how much speed you can gain.

You can even go off jumps and things once you get good. If you can’t get snowboarding down, but still want to try a snow outdoor activity, then skiing is a great option. With both skiing and snowboarding you can also find places to stay at a winter cabin and make a whole fun vacation or trip out of it.

Scuba Diving /  Snorkeling

Last on this list of 10 popular outdoor activities is scuba diving or snorkeling. Both of these can be done in all kinds of water, but are best in the open ocean or off the coast places. With both these activities you can see an underwater world that you would never otherwise get to see. You can see a whole variety of fish as well as coral and other sea animals.

With snorkeling you just wear a mask and a mouthpiece and just put your face in the water to see the deeps. Scuba diving is a little more advanced because you have an oxygen tank with your mask and are completely submerged, but still anyone can do it. Both these outdoor adventures are great especially if you are on vacation and want to make life long memories.


All the outdoor activities mentioned here are popular and can be done by anyone with some practice. They are in no particular order and that is why there are no numbers.

You should give them all a try if you are looking for a new activity to do. If you want something fun for the family, then the zoo or theme park is great. If you are a thrill-seeker, then longboarding may be the best option for you. Give all these outdoor activities a try.

They are popular for a reason and one or more might become your new favorite thing to do.

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